The production of all plastic glasses and promotional items on the web site is carried out at our factory, exclusively  100% Made in Italy, starting from the raw material plastic granules of European origin only.

There are n
o compromises and quality is at the forefront of our priorities.

Unlike other companies, we ONLY sell what we produce and this allows us to provide customers with the high quality control and dynamism necessary to meet differing requirements in a short time.

We are manufacturers so we can find the price and the best quality on the market today.

Reusable and unbreakable plastic glasses

Of particular interest is the production of plastic glasses, polycarbonate type, which can be reused for a long period and are unbreakable. The glasses are made of the same material as blender containers and therefore are very impact-resistant and dishwasher safe without becoming opaque. 

Our plastic glasses completely substitute glass where it is not possible to use this material because of security or municipal bans. 

Our products differ from disposable glasses in that we are e-compatible and environmentally safe, contributing to waste reduction.

The advantages of our glasses: 

They are unbreakable and therefore resolve all those problems linked to the accidental breakage of the equivalent product in glass. 

- They are transparent and as beautiful as glass, to the point where they do actually appear to be a glass product. 

- They are machine washable for months, similar to the glass product. They do not deform or become opaque even after many washes. 

- They are stackable and therefore space-saving.

- They are guaranteed with our brand name below the product ensuring impeccable quality over long periods. 

- They are 100% Made in Italy.

- They are certified for food contact according to the latest PIM regulations.

- They are certified for micro-wave use.

- They are eco compliant, drastically reducing mono-use. Our company utilises the Redrink concept (for public events the glasses are subject to a 1 euro deposit refunded at the end of the event when the glass is returned. The glass may also be taken home as a souvenir). 

When the products are personalised the logo is machine-washable. 

Don’t give up on the transparency and beauty of glass - use our unbreakable glasses! 






New Napkin Holder 

All our items are created to revolutionize the classical form, ensuring new and original ideas for a market always in search of novelty, quality and elegance.




Popular lines for items that are not simply promotional but a valuable piece of decor. This item may have a multiplicity of uses: Bread stick holders, decorative vases for restaurant tables, pens, gifts and for the exhibition of gift items, perfume and so on. 






A plastic glass with its own logo is a unique publicity method for highly effective promotional campaigns.



We always have our eye on market innovations and we have therefore introduced new glasses:


Large 1lt and XXL 1.5lt for serving maxi beverages at the table or for display use. 







acquaexpocoppaflutebicchieri moussebicchiere mousse



Unique Promotional items

All our promotional items have been thoroughly studied and market researched to assess the actual use by the end user, whether it is a private or commercial type operator.

We believe that as beautiful as an article may be, if it is not functional its use will be short-lived and the publicity campaign will lose impetus.

Our aim is to create quality objects therefore that are functional and aesthetically pleasing. 

Our designers, the architect A.Tarasconi and Designer A.Kluster are constantly at work creating new products for our clients.  








Design of new articles based on your requests

Careful study of the forms, the design of new products and the attention to detai, place Garnet at a high standard of quality without neglecting economic aspects in order to maximize the yield from advertising campaigns using promotional items produced by us.

Relying on the professionalism that sets us apart, we are able to create new items from your designs, developing these through the planning and design stages, mould making, the moulding process, customization, assembly and logistics, following each step directly in our factory.

Using this working method over the years we have been able to expand our client base to leading companies in the market, who are happy to renew their trust in us over time. 






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