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Medium Bier - Conic 30

A new beer glass from the house of Garnet.

Following market request for a glass between the classical capacity of a small and average beer  we have created a new product with a wide base and solid grip to ensure the perception of a large capacity glass.

Plastic beer glasses have distinct advantages:
- They maintain the temperature of the beer as plastic is a better insulator.
- They avoid excessive formation of foam while you are pouring thanks to the perfectly smooth surface.
- They allow service even in crowded places such as events as they guarantee complete security from breakages. 

The special conical shape of the glass spontaneously allows the subtle aromas to come out,  amplifying the taste. 



  • Altezza:
  • Capacità al bordo: 40 cl
  • Capacità al servizio: 30/33 cl
  • Diametro superiore: 82 mm
  • Diametro inferiore: 60mm
  • Altezza: 120 mm
  • Versioni: Transparent

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