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Serving Trays

Big Smart Tray

Anti-slip tray in personalised plastic. 

A larger and wider version than the Smart, this can contain up to ten glasses or cups. Perfect for bars, clubs and pizzerias.

Tray "Smart"

A small non-slip plastic tray perfect for serving cups of coffee or sandwiches to bring to the table.

Highly stackable saves workspace.

The tray is finished with a non-slip surface, soft to the touch (Soft Touch), to give product value and at the same time make it suitable for professional use.
The harmonious lines of the design and meticulous attention to detail make it an object of particular finesse and elegance.

Tray "Cafè"

Anti-slip coffee tray customisable in various colours. 


The non-slip surface does not use paints or films that wear off after a short period of time, but employs a particular overlay two millimetres thick, completely transparent and which lasts for years.

The dimensions have been designed to facilitate working and reduce bar clutter; for this reason the tray is also perfectly stackable.

The large non-slip surface is customisable in full color, allowing the customer to use graphics to great effect.

really useful article required at the Point Of Sale.

Tray for Shots

Tray with holes for Shot glasses. 

A perfect medium for serving shot drinks such as rum to the tables. It is manageable and versatile and adapts to the various glass sizes. It is also very stackable. 

The tray for shot glasses, a useful product for service and at the same time original, customisable on the outer sides with the company logo. 


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